Tuesday, April 21, 2009

These are squares I crocheted for Angie's loved ones blankets. Angie is a group member of mines that recently passed and really hit the group hard. We want to do something for the family to let them know how special she was to us. Here is my donation to the blankets. Two are below, the diagonal squares.

Sunshine Jewel Granny Squares

Hopscotch granny square

friendship Jewel granny square

antoher friendship jewel granny square

another one

Bullion stitch granny square


The diagonal square


Here is my first try at baby crocs. The pattern was purchase from Etsy.com. It's not totally complete, I need to put the strap on and some buttons and make another one for the baby's other foot. lol

These are
Kimono Flower Crocheted Baby Shoes Pattern by Lisa van Klaveren.

I had a nice time crocheting the kimono baby shoes. Not hard at all if you just follow the pattern be mindful of blo and flo, you will be fine. I made two left shoes, I need to make two right ones to match those. lol I know was moving fast and not paying an attention to that little detail. Honestly no one can tell unless you say something. I made these for a little guy, now I need to figure out a fastener that would be suitable. Once you make one you will surely want to make another. Something quick to make for a baby shower gift. My daughter wants some so, I need to try to make one for an adult or ask the designer.

Pattern called Wooly Bridges from Too Hook.

Very easy to crochet. I have made several of these, thought I would share with my fellow crafters. They will go good with lots of things I suppose. I really enjoyed crocheting these. You can whip one out in maybe 1-3 hours.


These are courtside booties by Donna Childs.
Completed: March 25, 2009

Used Bernat Baby Softee yarn

This was a very quick crochet project. I had some problems putting it together, but I conquered as you can see. I surely will make more of these. I’m sure on the next pair I will make some changes. I really enjoyed this project.

These are Emily's Socks from the Two at a time book by Melissa Morgan-Oakes.
Finished: April 5 2009

I did not like the k3tog stitch at all. I did however get through a few rows, then I just wanted to do some mindless knitting. I didn’t have a problem with knitting socks 2-at-a-time. The book is very good, I will surely make another pair of socks from it.

These are Mother May I socks designed by Phyll Lagerman. One of my favorite sock designers. You will see more of her socks here in the near future.
Complete date: March 19, 2009

I had a good time knitting these socks. It was the kind of project you wanted to knit more and more to see what it was going to look like. I enjoyed knitting with Bernat Sox yarn, it is very stretchy would be great for wide feet or for a diabetic. I completed the socks in a weeks time. I truly enjoyed the pattern. Look forward to knitting more. I knit these socks 2 at a time on 2 circulars (US2).

Monday, April 20, 2009

I finally finish the Entrelac Socks. I would have finished much sooner, I stopped to make several baby shower items for several baby showers. Now I’m so tired of entrelac but I’m sure in the future I will do it again. Once I got the hang of which way to go, I was ok. Now when I stopped I forgot how to knit entrelac, that set me back Completion date: March 22, 2009