Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My first magic loop sock. I used worsted weight yarn and the directions from the magic loop book. Knitted using US 5 knitpick needles. The yarn is red heart, Buff Fleck. I feel crazy putting Art #, lol. No one corrected me. :-)


Anonymous said...

Good job! Hope you feel better so you can continue the other sock.


Knitting said...

Good job! You should be very proud. I think that is beautiful yarn too! I am making my socks in a very similar colorway. I haven't finished yet - but I can only work on them about 30 minutes a day right now. I will sit down tonight and try to finish up! You have inspired me to hurry up!

Knitting Rose said...

The previous comment was left by me - don't know why my profile isn't showing up.

Kansas A. said...

Wow your sock/slipper turned out great! You'll like using the KK's to knit up sock/slippers, very fast. Yarngear.com has a really great beginner pattern, I've used it many a times :)